Boris Vene is a household name in Slovenia, categorized by media and colleagues as a “business legend.” He is a man of outstanding charisma, deep knowledge, and invaluable wisdom, which has opened the minds and hearts of people all over the world. It is therefore not surprising that he has lectured along with very famous names like Nelson Mandela, Richard Branson, Jay Shetty, Bill Gates, Dr. Stephen R. Covey, John Assaraf and many others.

He is considered to be one of the highest authorities in the field of personal growth and crisis management. In recent years, he has become more known for his life-changing healthcare programs and personal growth workshops such as “Body Reset” (93.03% success rate) and “Success and Happiness, Even If You Weren’t Born Under a Lucky Star”.

He is co-author of numerous bestsellers, which in Slovenia alone – with a population of only two million – have sold about a quarter of a million copies. The first book, “The Millionaire Mindset,” which was even blessed with a signature from the great Indian wise man Sai Baba, was proclaimed one of the three best books of all time in the field of prosperity.

Boris Vene, founder of the A² (“Active Heart Squared“) movement, has presented “An Unconditional Hour per Month for Fellow Human Beings, Animals and Nature” for the past 20 years. This initiative encourages individuals to give back to their communities and to the environment by volunteering their time and resources. It is a beautiful example of how one person’s actions can make a positive impact in the world.

He also co-authored the unique personal growth program “25 Days: How to Eliminate Unpleasant Emotions and Live in Joy, Health and Harmony.” Based on the statements of numerous participants, this 25-day online workshop awakens incredible inner power and “liberates” at all levels: emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical.