The New Model of Selling Allows Even Non-Sales People to Achieve Sales Records and Feel Great…

While Having Fun and Developing Amazing Relationships with New Friends (Hint: Buyers)

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Selling is neither hard nor painful – if you sell from the inside. Actually, all the great salespeople use it… yet a great majority of them do it “unconsciously.”

The “Enlightened Salesperson” introduces the concept of Selling From the Inside Out, touches “The Laws of the Universe”, and gives you a model you can use to power a successful sales organisation or your own personal sales.

It will take you from building the foundation for an “enlightened” sales environment to the world of selling:

  • the surprising reason why most sales trainings fail,
  • how to develop strategic selling,
  • obtain the secret knowledge of transferring energy,
  • learn the essentials of powerful motivation,
  • establish the “5 Cornerstones of Successful Business Foundation”
  • and much more!

And in the end, this priceless manual will help you re-discover the joy and happiness in sales.

“Enlightened Salesperson book redefines selling and the sales process to what it should be, helping others get what they want in life and making it easy for them to say yes. It is a spiritual look at developing long term relationships with your clients … and that relationship is the only one that matters, friendship. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am certain you will find the spirit of the book contagious. Fresh, positive intention, thoroughly enjoyable, immediately useful to every salesperson.

Kevin Hogan, Author of “The Psychology of Persuasion”
and “Irresistible Attraction”,

“The Enlightened Salesperson, this excellent guide will tune you into your inner wisdom which will allow you to effectively influence others with integrity. No other book shows you how to skilfully master your business transactions in these ways. When you apply this information, you’ll powerfully benefit not only your business relationships but your personal relationships with others and with yourself. You could lose thousands of dollars and miss out on a lot of joy if you don’t learn these ways to sell from your soul. This book is invaluable!

– Sopan Greene, M.A., author of “Angry Enough to Change: Bringing Who You Are to How You Live”

Sale! Now Available for: 9,97 EUR | 6,95 EUR

Note: you will receive the product in digital form as soon as the payment is processed.

An intriguing and refreshing integration of inner-world wisdom and outer business reality. Nick Grubisa’s ´Enlightened Salesperson´ delves deeply into the philosophical issues that many people with a conscience — who need to sell in order to keep their businesses healthy — have faced but may not have yet resolved. You’ll find answers here that you’re not likely to find anywhere else.

David Garfinkel, marketing consultant,