From Facing Death To Final Liberation: The Newest Methodology For Resolving Crisis, Based On Ancient Wisdom And The Most Recent Scientific Findings, Is Now Available to Everyone

When This Guy In Early Forties Was Diagnosed With Three Different Types Of Cancer–And Given Half A Year At The Most–He Had No Clue What To Do.

So he did the only thing that occurred to him – he bought himself a notebook!

He wrote down everything that had been bothering him: fears, worries, beliefs, standpoints, harmful habits, deeply rooted family dogmatism… 

 “Congratulations on the ‘The Big, Ugly Crisis’ book! I recommend it to my clients, because it is simple, straightforward, approachable, and gives people hope when they don’t see it anymore.”

Marjan Ogorevc, world-renowned bio-therapist of the famous and sporting champions

Through posing selected questions and searching for sincere answers, he gradually developed a special, very effective methodology. Without knowing that he discovered the way to final liberation, he eventually overcame his problems.

Not only did he recover, but he started living a happy and fulfilled life, he had been striving for through different personal growth methods since forever.

‘The Big, Ugly Crisis’ book should be a required read for university students!”

   – Franc Zavodnik, head of the organization “Zavod Demeter,” Slovenia

New Book “The Big, Ugly Crisis That Saved My Life” Reveals Complete Procedure and Methodology Boris Vene Was Using To Overcome The Biggest Challenge Ever… And Gradually Liberated Himself

So many truths, discoveries… and such very useful ones, for all people in any area of life. The path leads a reader from peeling the onion of old beliefs, to the five levels of a person’s development, and ahead. The heart is opening, indeed!” 

Lucia Lučka Klanšek, MBA, Harvard, Stanford, NYU,  co-founder and CEO Easy4Busy LLC (600+ stores),  featured in Forbes, New York Times, ABC TV…

The “Big, Ugly Crisis” book offers new hope for resolving all kinds of crisis, by helping a reader detach from inner anxieties and stress.

It confronts him with his own attitudes, liberating him from all kinds of problems, and even helping him resolve past situations – including (very strong) family patterns and unconscious beliefs.

It is written in the form of a diary, with direct sincerity and detail… and it reads like a detective novel: When the orthodox medicine predicted half a year of life at the most to Boris Vene, he had practically nothing to fight the challenge with.

He set out on the path of search, not knowing whether he would find a solution at all…or, not knowing whether there even was a solution.

 “The ´Big, Ugly Crisis´ book is a gift. Give it to yourself and give it to those you love, so they will easier awake into what they really are.”

– Manca Košir, Ph.D., ex-associate professor and Head of Department of Journalism at the Faculty of Social Sciences, famous actress, politician, and public intellectual

“The ´Big, Ugly Crisis´ book is way ahead of its time. It is a missing puzzle that represents a breakthrough to the self we are searching for.”                                                                                                          

Aleš Miklavc, EKO365, Slovenian healthy living center

On this journey, the reader hopes for a happy ending together with an author. Identifying himself with the author of the common problem, the reader travels through negative emotions, self-worth issues, relationship traps, money problems, and the like. Following the author´s adventure, the reader becomes familiar with several useful tools for solving problems.

Despite disclosing even some “energy medicine” secrets and the wisdom of the ancient Mystery School, the book received an exceptional response with the classical medicine doctors as well. »It offers a model for diseased people to overcome their problems,« wrote one of the most renowned, respected, and successful doctors in Slovenia, Nikolay Grishin, MD.

Another doctor, Vera Djukić Radojčič, MD, wrote that » …[this book] discloses the true reasons for the emergence of illness«.

“This book, ‘The Big, Ugly Crisis’, literally saved my life… twice! This book is the key to solving all kinds of crises, managing stress, achieving inner balance, and finding happiness, motivation, and confidence in life.  Today, I live a joyful and fulfilled life, thanks to the wisdom and exercises from the book. I am so grateful for all the help I received from it that I’ve bought more than a hundred copies and donated them to people in need.”  

M.Sc. Tadeja Rupar, professor of special and rehabilitation education, certificated educator, lecturer and therapist, Brain Gym® instructor, Double Doodle Play® instructor and Optimal Brain Organization® instructor, Building Blocks Activities® instructor, MNRI® core specialist

The book “The Big, Ugly Crisis…” became a bestseller and “Book of the Year” in only two weeks after the first release.