Business coaching - “50 bickering directors, a company on the brink of closure. And then we called Boris …”

“He arrived in the worst possible situation: profits were down by 20% according to plans, morale had slumped completely. A black cloud of resentment, disappointment and destroyed dreams hung above the management and its associates …

I don’t know what happened then. The effect can be attributed to coincidence, the gods, good luck … But, when Boris arrived at the company and started with business coaching, we somehow found a sense of optimism, inspiration and energy for a new impetus. We stepped together, woke up the best in ourselves, went out onto the field and exceeded our sales plan by 60%. In those months, we set sales records like never before in the history of the company and became – among 49 countries – the leading company in Europe in terms of growth.”

Boris Maljevec, Director of Oriflame Slovenia,

If I can help a company of embittered employees that is on a sliding slope towards the bottom to a renaissance and an absolute sales record … Do you think that I can do something useful for you and your company as well?

The case described above, which took place in the Slovenian capital some years ago, is not the only one of its kind by any means. More than not, it is a typical business situation because of which I am hired by entrepreneurs, businesses and organisations. They usually contact me as their “last lifeline” (even though they would have spared a lot of trouble if they had called me earlier!).

In their hour of need, they may not even expect much from me. And neither do they expect any quick and effective solutions. However, that is exactly what I expect from myself. “You have no idea what’s in store for you and what a good decision you’ve made when you called me,” I tell them sometimes with a smile on my face to break the gloomy atmosphere.

But I mean it very seriously.

Because what follows is always indescribable. Personal transformations … various business records … joy and ease … mutual contentment instead of bickering colleagues … and above all, a greater sense of confidence in the future, joy and heartfulness. On the inside and on the outside.

My name is Boris Vene. The public knows me mainly for my bestsellers and media appearances, but less is known about my business activities or my role as an active “coach” to management staff. 

Even though this form of business assistance is relatively unknown in our country, business coaching and mentoring represent one of the most untapped potentials – not only for resolving crises but also for growth.

An experienced “person on the sidelines” may notice things in a situation that are more or less everyday occurrences for the participants, since we all live by certain mental patterns and habits. At the same time, almost unconsciously, we set the priorities by which we act. Simultaneously, we have a whole bunch of unique and limiting patterns that seem absolutely nothing out of the ordinary to us. Since we have lived with them for almost our entire lives, they have become ingrained in our personality and perhaps even in our identity.


If the “person on the sidelines” – the mentor or coach – has enough knowledge and experience, he can motivate the conversation partner with minimal guidance so he can:

  • see the truth of the situation,
  • get back on track,
  • connect with a source of inspiration and energy,
  • open intuitive channels,
  • perhaps consider a different view of the situation…
These very simple approaches alone are usually enough for the “little miracles” that follow.

I usually say that my job is to inspire a person, to inform them and provide the circumstances for transformation. This is also the role of an experienced coach or trainer. (Because the word trainer reminds of training, I prefer to use the word coach.) It often represents the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to solve a problem or achieve a goal.

“I have worked with the best in the world – with Richard Branson, Tonny Robbins, Brian Tracy … – but I got the answers from Boris …”

“When I worked with the largest seminar organiser in the world, I had the opportunity to meet and work for the best in the field of personal growth, such as Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Richard Branson, T. Harv Eker … And there were many others.

This was followed by amazing personal development and many new opportunities. I could no longer halt the journey that I had started twelve years ago. I undertook so much training, I attended every seminar. But I still didn’t manage to find the answers over all those years. I kept searching and searching, and there were no answers.

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Renata Hercog Šetinc, London UK, Project Manager, Success Resources Global
(The leading organiser of educational workshops and seminars in the world)


  • I have helped companies from various industries to make unimaginable breakthroughs and sales records
  • I have helped managerial staff to form a clearer and bolder vision (which we then also brought to fruition)
  • I have also provided training to non-profit organisations, e.g. expert services in the National Assembly, municipal management …
  • I have been the coach of the leader of a parliamentary group and expert assistance in a parliamentary inquiry
  • I have appeared at major conferences and “shared the (digital or actual) stage” with Nelson Mandela, Richard Branson, Jay Shetty, I have met with the Dalai Lama …
  • I have appeared on practically all the television stations and more significant talk shows, in magazines and newspapers … I have never paid a single euro for this kind of promotion; I have always been invited by the media houses themselves.
  • The books that we have written together with Niko Grubiša were sold in Slovenia in a circulation of around 250,000 copies, which means that there is at least one of our books in every other residential building. The first bestseller, also blessed by one of the greatest sages of the modern times, Satya Sai Baba, was named one of the three best books of all time on creating prosperity in America. Besides America, where it was published in digital form, it was also published in printed form in India.
  • During this time, I was a coach to many well-known and lesser-known successful entrepreneurs, directors, coaches …, whom I have helped in various fields: business, personal, health, partnership.

“After only three hours of business coaching with Boris, I set a record in the company’s sales history …”

“I first met Boris Vene while reading his book “Enjoy Life and You Will Become Rich”. I was so impressed that I wanted to meet him in person.

During that period, I was employed by a very successful company – one of the managers in direct sales – where I was one of the about 100 consultants selling a financial product.

After maternity leave, I was no longer achieving good results, which I could not accept in any way. I felt that Boris could help me with his coaching. Luckily, we had a top director who made this possible for me. After just three hours of business coaching, I set a record in the company’s sales history.

I later transferred my valuable sales knowledge from Boris’ consultation as well as the many later experiences from direct sales to my own company Ekolife natura, which has been a successful business for more than 11 years.”

Tjaša Pavček, co-founder of Ekolife natura,,

What makes my approaches different … or why can I be so successful in my work

Today, there is a whole range of business consultants. Coaches, mentors, therapists …

(Click here for a description of the differences between them and which of those I practise.)

There is much choice on the market, and everyone is offering something with a distinct advantage. We cannot say that someone is better than someone else. Some kind of bond with the client also plays an important role … a specific way of working … some coaches specialise in certain industries, and so on.

In short, everyone can offer something different and special; it is up to the client to decide what is more important to them. I always present my work through two key advantages.

I always highlight two key advantages about my performance.

My first advantage: more than three decades of experience and proven results, combined with systemic solutions

I gave my first public lecture back in 1989 in Graz, Austria, and since then I have been committed to working with people, leading teams and personal growth.

Experience and the wisdom that comes from that always forms the foundation of any consultation and busienss coaching. The matter is much more important than it is often wished to appear in public, so let me explain it briefly.

Let us take a typical “coach” who is talented, driven, curious, teachable, responsible. However, this is just a good start. If he has never dealt with a situation like yours in practice before, he will merely be “having a shot in the dark”. He will probably try to be innovative and find a new idea in his head. Maybe he will take the time to look at similar situations, try to remember if he could transfer and use experiences from some other situation, or something similar.

If the idea proves to be unsuccessful, he will most likely suggest another. And then a third one, if need be. And so on. This is a situation in which, as my notary says, a coach “learns for the benefit of his clients’ money”. Of course, with the best of intentions … Nevertheless, time and money are running out, a bad mood is setting in, hope is declining.

Which is why this is not the best approach. Innovation and creativity, in terms of introducing new and untested ideas, should not be used in such important circumstances. To solve key situations, you need certain and systemic solutions that work like a Swiss clock – always, everywhere and for everyone. In other words, you need proven approaches that will bring you predictable changes.

And I can proudly say that I really stand out in this area. I have developed special processes for managing situations and making key decisions that lead to predictable effects. Isn’t that exactly what you’re looking for? Well-established and proven solutions that lead to measurable and predictable outcomes? 

Of course, I am also innovative in finding solutions, but never at the cost of the general development of the situation. In other words, the key direction is always the same – to achieve the desired goal through proven systems. The tactics I use along the way, however, are tailored to the situation.

“Boris was my best salesman … His sales of my ethical funds in Slovenia were astounding already back in 1991.”

“Boris Vene, presented as “the European legend of multi-level marketing” by Joe Vitale in the cult film “The Secret”, was at that time one of the best sellers of financial investments – or even the best – in the former Yugoslavia.

He also had the best sales group of business partners. He sold the first investment in the form of a fund policy in Slovenia – he concluded it even before me – and later he was extremely successful in selling the first Slovenian fund policy, whose initiator and co-creator I was, together with KD Funds and KD Life (today AS Insurance Company).

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Bojan Pravica, the doyen of financial guidance* and area manager of an international investment network for precious metals and real estate investments, (SLO), (CRO), (DE), (PT), (CH)

*Mr. Pravica was the first to bring ethical funds to Slovenia in as early as the 1990s, he helped build the investment company Beta Invest and lay the foundations for Kmečka družba (KD)

My second advantage: starting from ancient knowledge, while taking into account the latest scientific findings

My other advantage is a passion for ancient knowledge. For decades, I have been fascinated by the discoveries of the great minds that have literally shaped the destiny of nations. Regardless of the fact that this knowledge is thousands of years old, it is more relevant today than ever before – because that which is real does not change. And when you arrived at the fundamental Truth, you arrive at the original power.

There is nothing more powerful than acting from that level.

At the same time, I also combine the latest scientific discoveries, which are, to a large extent, just an explanation of the ancient knowledge. Esoteric wisdom and discoveries of mainly quantum physics are increasingly coming together. Today, even in scientific circles, there is open talk about consciousness, energies, universal force or the “zero field”, the “matrix”, and so on. What was once reserved for the frontier fields of science and “weirdos”, is now becoming the dominant trend or mainstream.

My experience – and the systemic solutions that come from that – combined with ancient knowledge, the latest scientific discoveries and my immense passion and dedication to finding the most optimal path, form my unique and unrepeatable view of each situation and provide a quick and effective solution. 

It is exactly this approach that represents my key ability as well as advantage. Since I developed the system myself, there is also no one else in the world who would be doing something similar.

“I’m really excited about working with Boris and especially the results …”

“I have known Boris for quite some time, and I have also done his best programmes, like “Body Reset” and “25 Days”. Of course, I was fascinated by the knowledge and the effects … A real little miracle happened when we started working together in the form of business coaching in the business field. Already in the first four-hour meeting that he held for my team – the managing staff in the municipal administration – Boris got more out of them than I had managed on my own in nine years.

He assigned us tasks and I didn’t know where all of this would lead … However, at the second meeting, this step proved to be the magic bullet: by co-creating a common vision, potential and clear identity of the municipality of Semič we made a remarkable step forward.

I’m really excited and look forward to further collaboration!

Polona Kambič, Mayor of the Municipality of Semič

P.S.: I agree with Boris that the most important long-term investment is to invest in the development of our townspeople, not in asphalt and concrete …

A description of my business coaching and how I can help you, too

Coaching is my life and my passion. When I see a company or an organisation with potential that it is not exploiting, I immediately get a mass of images and ideas about what should be done or what would come in useful.

I have repeated this process so many times so far that it acts almost like a conditioned reflex in me. As soon as someone explains their situation to me, I can already see the whole final picture. Then we just have to define the path and steps, determine the priorities and the bearers of implementation. 

I do not claim to know all the industries and all the business situations; far from it. This is something entirely different: even though companies and organisations are different, the causes that have led them to the problem are almost always the same … and there are not many of these. When mitigated or eliminated, the problems are also drastically reduced or removed.

Years ago, when I discovered my coaching talent, I didn’t pay it much attention or give it any importance. I saw myself more as a “man with many ideas”. Later, as I began to string up success after success, however, I began to devote more and more time to perfecting my skill. I developed a special technique for detecting problems and presenting possible solutions, which we then study with the conversation partner and choose the most appropriate approach.

There is practically no situation where I could not contribute to greater success. And believe me, in more than three decades of work, you come across all sorts of cases …

»Boris’s advice helps me in the darkest moments …«

“Boris’s advice and life wisdom help me in the darkest moments. With such ease, as Boris explains, the teachings are accessible and understandable to anyone. He highlights what really counts in life and those things that will make our lives easier to live.

By doing the daily exercises and meditations, I am awakening gratitude in myself, feelings that enrich me, and I focus on my mission.”

Anita Šumer, Sourdoughmania,

Of course, I’m not alone in the implementation of the solution, but I have a top team with which we help in the implementation or solution of problems and the achievement of goals. Besides personal coaching for managers and assistance in business progress, we are also trained in the following areas:

  • business strategies, business vision and project development,
  • team building,
  • attitude towards oneself, stress reduction, greater faith in life …,
  • sales and negotiations,
  • improving personal communication and relationships at all levels,
  • preparation for public speaking,
  • checking the individual’s long-term potential, talents and abilities, determining compatibility between persons, selecting the most appropriate circumstances for the implementation of projects, etc.,
  • personal finance,
  • carrying out campaigns in the field of digital marketing and finding certain IT solutions,
  • setting up market systems,
  • establishing and developing competitive advantage and business identity,
  • creation of top texts of all kinds,
  • international promotion in the world’s most prestigious media and the most visited web portals (personal branding, branding of companies and projects),

In my opinion, you will not find such a team with such diverse experience and provable results anywhere in Slovenia or beyond.

“As Slovenians, we can be proud to have such a selflessly loving, broad-minded and bold expert …”

A legendary Slovenian who has realised his personality on all levels. He combines ancient knowledge and the findings of recent-most science, which he disseminates selflessly to all around. He is a rare combination on all levels of awakened consciousness. He lives what he teaches.

He radiates infinite life energy, heartfulness, gratitude and trust in the Divine Plan, the wisdom of life. He is like a lighthouse that shines in all directions and every meeting with Boris leaves a resonance of sunny confidence in life. If you come close to him, you will experience and taste the light of life, joy and optimism, as well as the joy of progress.

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Darja Škraba Krmelj, dr. med. spec. psychiatry, psychotherapist, and
Janez Tomaž Krmelj, therapist in medical hypnosis and relaxation techniques,

How does collaboration proceed

Unfortunately, my/our capacities are limited, so we cannot accept everyone who signs up. We give the greatest priority to potential partners with whom we can establish long-term collaboration on ethical projects that have a large and positive impact on people and the environment.

In this case, I am also actively involved in the development of events and the implementation of projects, so that I do not impose (too much) additional burden on you, but I try to work through as much of it as possible myself.

This is an ideal scenario since progress is optimal in such a case.

There is also another way of working together, in which you do most of the work yourself. In such a case, I first examine your condition, which you describe to me in advance, and then, in a two-to-three-hour live meeting, we examine your path, vision, potentials and steps towards the goal. This is implemented as consultations.

This is how it goes. When you sign up, we first send you a short questionnaire to check if we are compatible and can help you. Then we meet in your office – or on neutral terrain, if isn’t a business consultation – and elaborate on your vision, goals and possible paths.

“Boris has the power and the gift to influence the course of people’s lives. Mine, too.”

“There is something movingly childlike about Boris … but at the same time, a feeling of a strong mind, great energy, deep understanding and a huge desire to know and pass it on. 

His books have been with me for ten years and are always somewhere in my proximity. I have come to understand some aspects in them only recently. They need to be read several times.

Read more …

Manca Izmajlova,

The meeting usually takes place in a way that I can present you with my neutral view of the situation we are talking about. Then I describe some possible solutions and guide you through them. I do not force my own opinion on you, but I help you to find and formulate an optimal option that is perfectly in line with your values, potentials and circumstances, and for which we then also determine the necessary steps. 

You leave the meeting – according to previous consultation participants – much more optimistic, full of new ideas, in joyful anticipation of events … and with the feeling that you have put a heavy burden off your shoulders. Often, we also solve the most pressing issues or get comprehensive instructions on how to proceed.

In short, you already receive the necessary instructions on which basic path to follow or independent work to undertake at the consultation. (You can read more about the consultations here.)

Then you have two options. Armed with new ideas, potentials and fresh energy, you can set out on your own. Alternatively, we can take the path together – through coaching, as I describe it here.

Let me emphasise that as your coach I will also actively help you implement ideas, connect you with compatible business partners, announce and disseminate your events through my social networks and so on.

I have more time or free space for basic consultation – it is just one meeting – and there is a high probability that I will be able to accept you (even though you may need to wait for a month or two).

In fact, there’s not much choice for you between consultation and coaching if we haven’t worked together before. Consultation is namely the condition and foundation for coaching or further long-term collaboration. And only when we get a really good vibe going on in the consultation, do we take it further on a continued joint path. Given that I accept coaching clients for a minimum period of six months – less than a six-month coaching contract with me is not possible – this is an absolutely necessary step.

“Boris Vene is writing world history …”

Boris is really helping to lay new foundations for a new world. As soon as I came to his first workshop, I knew that I would attend all of his workshops and read all of his books in the future.

I’m proud and at the same time happy that I know Boris personally, and that we have people in Slovenia who are world leaders. Boris knows the language of the world since he is writing world history with his love for the people as well as his wisdom and experience.”

Mirko Zamernik, former member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia

“The decision to take coaching with Boris has been my best move in life …”

“Since Boris has been my coach, my life has turned into a completely different dimension. In this sense, the decision to take coaching with Boris has been my best move in life so far.

I work as a holistic doctor and Boris helps me a lot on this path. He allows me to reach amazing, new levels. I would find it difficult to do it on my own, as there are many trials and pitfalls. One of the important things you can experience with greater success is also the right attitude towards the environment, also in terms of business. This is sometimes not the most favourable for propulsive individuals, who choose to take their own path.

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Dejan Jarič, MD, transpersonal psychotherapist, lecturer and advanced
trainer for personal and spiritual development,

What follows if we decide on a further joint path

If you have read the text so far, I guess you might be at least slightly interested in what I have to offer.

I suggest that you contact my office at  as soon as possible – but certainly within two or three days at the latest (after which time the energy usually dries up) – and let them know that you are interested in doing business together. We will send you a short questionnaire, and at the same time, you will be able to ask anything you are interested in. (If necessary, I will contact you personally and we will talk in person about anything you are interested in.)

If we then arrange a meeting or consultation, I will use your answers as a starting point. At the two-to-three-hour meeting, you will receive concrete instructions, tasks, suggestions. As mentioned, we will talk more concretely about your vision, goals, overcoming blockages and obstacles. (You can read more about the consultations here.)

Incidentally, the answers to the questions that we will send you before the consultation will be able to help you clarify the path and form a vision, goals, existing problems. (And that alone is worth signing up for!)

This step – interest and questionnaire – is completely free for you and does not commit you to anything.

“Boris can be the real notion of success for anyone …”

Boris has changed my life and has decisively helped me on the way to a higher understanding of the world around me and personal growth – let him help you as well!

And one more thing: how can you be sure Boris’ advice really is useful? Because he is a man who lives by what he says and can be the true notion of success for anyone as well as a beacon on the turbulent seas of life today and tomorrow.”

Rok Hrastnik, Executive Director of Sensilab,

If we assess that it is necessary, and you agree to it, we will prepare a professional astrological chart before our meeting. This reveals your true potentials and obstacles, revealing the most likely scenarios for the further development of your path. (It will also be easier to assess overall compatibility through the astrological chart.)

As said, if we find out at the consultation that we are highly compatible, happy to work together on your challenges, and want to continue working together, we will draw up a coaching contract for a minimum period of six months. We will define what goals you want to achieve, how many resources and capacities you have available (time, financial, human resources …) and at what pace you want to move forward.

However, this is already the second step … First of all, think to yourself whether the time has come for you to accept some practical help on your business journey. If the answer is “yes”, I recommend that you contact my office as soon as possible at . If you need help in making a decision, write to us and we will move the matter forward together.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I wish you a successful, but above all, peaceful and joyful journey through your business, personal and all other spheres. I hope we meet somewhere – I’m always happy to make time for a constructive discussion – and celebrate your success. Whether we achieve it together or not.

With love,


P.S.: If you are considering a collaboration, I recommend that you first become a little more familiar with my work, approach as well as life and business philosophy. You can read one of my books, but I highly recommend the “25 Days” programme, through which you will eliminate unpleasant emotions, learn to awaken strong pleasant emotions “on command” and capture personal strength. (The programme as a whole is run by watching videos, so you can run it entirely in the comfort of your own home or office, at your own pace.)

If you go through this programme beforehand, we will be able to discuss concrete solutions at our meetings, otherwise, we will have to lay the foundations first (which are very nicely and elaborately set out in the mentioned programme).

After all, the “25 Days” programme is also extremely affordable – there are hours and hours of video and audio footage and more than a hundred pages of written material to which you can return again and again.

“A Slovenian with a winning spirit, who will leave a deep imprint in history …”

“I am glad that it is confirmed at every step that there are Slovenians with a winning spirit, who will leave a deep imprint in history. Boris Vene is certainly one of them.”

Martin Strel, marathon swimmer and the first man to
swim the Mississippi (Guinness Book of Records),