Explanation of the A❤² movement symbol

1. Summary:

The “Active Heart Squared” movement is based on the energy of the expression (A=activity) from the heart level (), which also opens another person’s heart (²).

The supporter of the movement acts in a way that expresses his own potentials, supporting his inner path, at the same time introducing the idea that builds bridges and supports growth and development into society. He is an example to those around him with his heartful action. The action is not aggressive, but quite the opposite: calm, stable, constant. Despite the small amplitude of action, the heart has so much power that it easily overcomes the energy of the so-called lower vibrations.

The foundation of everything is action, which means that the supporter of the movement is not passive or apathetic. If he has really awakened and is now expressing his key talents, which open his heart, he will usually encounter a very positive response from the surrounding environment: His speaking partner will open his heart and respond through it, which is a confirmation for the supporter of the movement that he is acting appropriately.

2. Explanation:

The “Active Heart Squared” movement is based on the energy of the expression (A=activity) from the heart level (), which also opens another person’s heart (²).

This means that the movement does not rely on an ideology in which individuals seek their own identity, belonging, otherness, etc., but on sincere, heartfelt actions. Of course, the basic idea (self-realization through the expression of key talents) is hidden in the background, but it serves only as a framework for action or a foundation upon which members of the movement pass on their gifts to others.

Explanation of each individual symbol

1. A, as activity or active (heart): acting by example

The letter A at the beginning symbolizes movement and action. In short, the symbol could be described as acting through example. Or rather: “My life is my message,” as Sai Baba said. Therefore:
“Look at what I do.” (Not what I say.)

Too many movements focus on a purpose that is then not realized or whose idea remains purely at the theoretical; even though this purpose is usually portrayed as boundless – but never unfulfilled – potential.

Movements with “inactivated potential” are recognized by the fact that they rely on the actions of someone else or glorify an idea but do not have their own experience. So the supporters of the movement in principle know the goal but have no clear and achievable path to it. The energy that best describes this condition is: “You’re welcome to find the goal, let it be your preoccupation. The longer you search for it, the longer you’re supporting the group. You’re therefore not expected to achieve the goal; your task is to openly support the group and the idea.”

It is clear that a person cannot achieve self-realization on such a foundation, as he is directing his energy to the group, instead of developing his own path as part of it.

The other side of the same coin is the encouragement of uncontrolled activity in terms of supporting a person’s expression without a clear purpose and goal, and without taking responsibility for the end result. The result is a release of tension that leads to “Woundology”, in the sense of uncovering wounds, stringing excuses and “good reasons” as to why a person cannot disconnect from a difficult past, not to mention reciprocal consolation: “I understand you, you were an innocent victim.”

(Even though this active role, where the individual opens up and surpasses the passive level of apathy is a welcome step or a higher level than handing over their power to the group and playing a helpless victim, it is nevertheless still only an intermediate step. If this stage becomes an end in itself, the result will always be destruction or opposition to something, rather than constructive action in terms of contributing or supporting oneself and society.)

Here and there, a supporter of the movement takes advantage of this kind of environment – which “understands” suffering and drama and is willing to support everything under the guise of compassion – to manipulate or use support in favor of his own idea, which does not coincide with the general idea of the group. However, such a supporter of the movement is sooner or later eliminated by the group.

Something completely different is a clearly defined action based on the real potentials of the individual, which contribute to both his personal development and the constructive development of the surrounding environment.

In short, action as the basic or foremost supporting energy in the symbol indicates that the A² movement is based exclusively on the expression of creative potentials. Only if you are active, you can be a supporter of the movement. The action through which you will express yourself, or your actual role, is something you determine yourself. It comes from acting through the heart – which is something completely different from emotional action or finding resonance through playing the victim or glorifying one’s own importance.

2. Heart ❤ as heartfulness or action from the heart

In the A² movement, we are all active and everyone has the same task – to express themselves through their real, heartfelt potentials or gifts that they can offer to others.

The energy of the heart is resolute, penetrating, fresh, yet gentle. It does not judge or glorify anything, but draws its strength from creative expression, which is always accompanied by a feeling of expansion, joy, trust …

The potentials of the heart are those in which we feel best, but at the same time, we do not compare, prove or validate ourselves in front of others. Perhaps this action does not bring such great added value on the material level, but it does bring infinite potential in terms of awakening one’s true nature, following the path of courage and inner strength, and at the same time setting an example for all others to follow. Not us, but themselves.

The key to the success of this type of action is to allow each individual to tread a different path, doing so with his very own task. It is therefore impossible to uniformly follow someone else’s path, no matter how far they have come. It can serve us as an example, but we cannot copy someone else’s steps.

Only each individual knows what really inspires them, opens their heart and gives them a feeling of connection with everything, on the one hand, and boundlessness, on the other.

This is why each one of us can only know and choose his own path to self-realization. The task of the other supporters of the movement is then to unconditionally support each other on this journey.

This path requires courage, as it is sometimes necessary to step out of the safe framework of the socially recognized norms and expectations of the surrounding environment. Some people take to this role like a duck on water, with it becoming their true nature and perhaps even their identity, whereas many have not yet reached this stage.

The A² movement supports the person’s efforts in recognizing his own true value, his key talents and the gifts that make him happy and bring heartfulness to his surrounding environment, as well as in stepping away from his adaptive frameworks and following blindly, getting rid of his safety net.

3. The exponential value of ² as the symbol of feedback from the surrounding environment

The foundation is therefore the expression – not the state, stagnation, approval of an idea, etc. – or rather, action through one’s own true nature. We recognize the latter in the way our hearts are opened as we express ourselves when we are overcome by joyful feelings, increased strength and a more unconditional acceptance of both ourselves and the surrounding environment. (The less we judge or take certain positions, the more unconditional we are and the more able we are to accept the situation as it is, without the desire to influence developments or outcomes, and without forcing our role into this process.)

When a person truly acts from the heart – that is, when he expresses his own talents or gifts in unconditional energy – the surrounding environment responds to this. Most often so that the speaking partner feels his own heart or similar energy through the process of energy resonance as expressed by that person.

This is confirmation that the person has acted through, what we call, a high vibration, not through the ego. Meaning that he did not want to force anything onto his speaking partner or receive support, approval or consent from him.

The sign ² basically means “heart times heart” or “a heart that opens another heart through example”, the result of which is more than just the sum of two hearts. So this exponential value also symbolically expresses the power of the heart: when two unite in the energy of the heart, their power is much greater than the sum of their individual energies. (For example, 3+3=6, 3²=9).

At the same time, the exponential value of ² is also a safety catch through which each person can check whether they are on the right path: If the speaking partner responds to his actions with an open heart, approval, acceptance and a desire to awaken his own potentials, then he is acting correctly. If the speaking partner responds lukewarmly, shuts off his energy, shows resistance to what is being said or feels the need to express counter-arguments, then the person has probably expressed himself by seeking confirmation, proving, asserting his own power or authority, building or consolidating identity and the like.

Nevertheless, it can happen, although rarely, that the speaking partner “responds to the light with darkness” because the leap is simply too great for him. That is, because he is not (yet) ready to acknowledge his own strengths and reveal himself to the world through them.

If a person acts from the heart, the said response does not affect him. (This is also a sign that he is acting from the heart!) He does not feel defeated, threatened and so on, but merely accepts this state, without the desire for additional argumentation in the sense of “You don’t understand …”.

The heart never expects a return of energy and never judges. If we feel the need to express a specific point of view or even persuade someone, it is just a sign that we have closed our hearts.

Because “beauty is always in the eye of the beholder”, the heart trusts and fully understands the harmony of the course of events: Life is like a dance that proceeds in one direction for a while and then in another for a while; or like a pendulum that must swing from one extreme position to the opposite in order to maintain motion.

Therefore, the heart cannot encounter defeat or disappointment. It merely recognizes its own reflection or its own self in the other person or situation; no matter how uncomfortable, severe, “bad” etc. the situation.

This is symbolized by the number 2.