The A2 movement – Additional information

The basis of the A❤2 movement is unconditional help to fellow human beings, animals and nature. This means that the person or group/organization decides to donate their time, in the form of an expert or general knowledge, to the wider community once a month (or once).

The project will be developed in line with available capabilities and, above all, resources. It can only come to life in all its breadth if a sufficiently large number of heartfelt people are involved in it, willing to act unconditionally.

In its basic form, as the idea presented here, anyone can start acting in line with it right away. An individual or a group can do something good for the community, whereas an influential individual or an influencer can spread the idea in his circle, either in the form of an online invitation or by organizing a physical event.

The idea, however, is, as already said, much broader and deeper. If you are attracted by the basic guidelines, I kindly invite you to also read the upgrade of this version, as it offers so much more. 

The wider form of the A2 movement – Concept

In expanded form, the project will specialize in two directions: on the one hand, it will bring together the needs of individuals or organizations/groups that require help, and on the other, the help providers, who want to contribute their time or help.

This part of the project is completely independent of the organized meetings, as described in the basic action plan, and can take place completely independently. Nevertheless, it requires a complex organization, as a public base of those providing and those seeking help must be built.

At the same time, the data in the database should be classified according to various criteria – by areas of professional activity, geographical accessibility, the financial scope of providing/seeking help, etc.

The next step, which also requires a systematic and standardized approach, is the selection of the provider and the applicant, as well as the entire organization and implementation of the event.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that we’ll be waiting indefinitely for all the pieces to come together. We have already begun to implement the idea in a simpler concept; by help providers who are willing to contribute. The individual or the organization then takes on the responsibility, will and motivation to contact the provider and agree on the implementation.

Here are some more details about the project. It will consist, as already mentioned, of two major content units:

  1. Those needing help (“Seeking help”)
  2. Those providing help (“Providing help”)

Both units will be entirely public and dynamic. We will be creating them together on an ongoing basis, by regularly registering and updating the status of activities on both sides. More on this below.

Further on, the two units will continue to be divided into two groups: work and funds. This means that you will be able to enter someone or something needing help, e.g. physical help, into the first unit (“Seeking help”), or you will indicate a situation where funds would be more appropriate.

In most cases, both options are likely to be applicable. For example, if an animal needs an operation, help can be provided by a vet who performs the operation free of charge or by securing the funds for the operation. In this case, you will add the claim in both sections. Or if a person needs help picking crops from the field, we can offer them the work or the funds to hire the workers.

The same applies to the chapter “Providing help“. You will be able to contribute an hour of your time, or you will be able to contribute some money. All activities of the A2 movement will take place on this page. When the project expands, a separate platform will be created.

(Click here for further details on the operative procedures.)

Nine possible forms of contribution and participation

You will be able to contribute in nine ways:

  1. If you want to make someone’s life better and feel great as a result of your action, and are additionally willing to take on any job, you can sign up under “Providing help”.

By the way, a whole branch of activity called “Sewa” has been developed around this in the East. It is based on providing unconditional help to others and feeling good as a result.

Of course, this can also be a tricky terrain. The ego can raise its ugly head remarkably quickly (“Look, what a good person I am, helping unconditionally”) and the matter can turn into an act of proving one’s selflessness … in search of confirmation and feelings of acceptance … or even in releasing tension on others – where the person needing the help is used by the person supposed to be providing the help as a waste bin into which to vent his frustrations.

For this purpose, after the work is done, the person receiving the help will also be asked to provide some feedback on how satisfied they were. (The goal is to carry out all activities through very positive feelings – not by playing a martyr – and truly unconditionally.)

  1. Secondly, if you have a specific talent or work in a professional field within which you want to contribute, you will decide to contribute in the form of professional work. For example, if you are a bricklayer, a mechanic, you know how to work with a computer, you work with children, and so on. Or perhaps: you may want to become a mechanic so you are willing to work for an hour for free for a recognized master (which will benefit not only him but also you, as you gain expert training).

Of course, you can also choose to take on some general work, despite being an expert in your field, if it proves necessary, or if there is a greater demand for it than for your professional work. For example, even though you are a teacher, you do not stipulate that your hour of volunteer work must be related to teaching, but are also willing to do some other, general work.

  1. Thirdly, if you have a very clear vision of what you want out of life, while carefully managing your time, it may simply be easier for you to contribute financially. The first option is to review the current status of “Seeking help” and determine what exactly the money should be spent on.
  2. Fourthly, you can only contribute the funds and leave the decision to the expert committee to find the most pressing problems and determine which will be solved or mitigated with the help of your donation.
  3. Fifthly, a form of collaboration is also possible in which you can make others happy by contributing something that has helped you. For example, when you buy a product or service that you believe would benefit others, you may decide to buy two identical products or services. Use one of them for yourself and pay for an extra one – instructing the provider to give it to someone they think really wants and deserves it but cannot afford it.

In this case, we will only ask you to contact us and let us know what you have done so that we can record it in the system.

  1. The sixth option is to contact us at and we can find an option that would suit you best together, or you can ask us what is currently the most pressing area that calls for urgent solutions. Based on the answer, you can decide to act in that direction.
  2. At the same time, you also have the (seventh) opportunity to find a situation that calls for help (or funds) yourself and solve it. Of course, also, in this case, let us know so that we can enter your action into the system.

Including all data on charitable actions into the system is important primarily to use your example of selfless and proactive action to inspire and encourage others to do something similar. The more activities that can be collected and recorded in one place, the more condensed and visible the effect will be … as a result, making it easier and faster to spread the idea.

On the other hand, we will do our best to make the bureaucracy take the bare minimum of time and effort, and make the procedures clear, simple and fast.

  1. If the matter develops in this direction, we will eventually expand the movement to seeking and picking certain products or items. For example, if you have any products – say, unsold stock in store that is approaching its expiration date – and would like to donate them, you can contact us at . Through our database and advertising, we will check if we can do some good together.
  2. Some will probably like the idea of this transparent organization, where 100% of the money is spent on the right purpose, so much, that they will want to participate in its long-term support and development. For example, they may wish to make their office, computer program, secretary available for regular work … Or they may want to contribute greater funds or contribute more regularly. If such collaboration would make you happy, please contact us at .

Another thing, if you wish to remain anonymous, we will only record your activity, without your name. Or you can come up with a pseudonym. (Applies to all nine forms of cooperation.)

If you need more information, if you want to discuss how things work in practice or which of the ways would be most appropriate for you, you are kindly invited to contact us at and we will be happy to take some time for you.

In addition to the website, you will be able to follow more current information about what is happening in the organization through a closed Facebook group, which is there for the members of the movement to socialize.

A committee that will take care that all activity is carried out with integrity and transparency

This is therefore a comprehensive form of activity in which “demand” (Seeking help) and “supply” (Providing help) will be combined. All activities will be 100% transparent and each job, as well as each Euro, will be exactly accounted for, stating by whom and for what it was contributed. Even if the money is spent on any urgent expenses for the operation of the organization, this will be shown publicly. 

A special committee consisting of the founding members or the “building blocks” will oversee that the project does not turn into a way to privilege certain people or activities, to emphasize a specific idea or similar. These will be people who have so far proven themselves in similar projects as understanding, tolerant, heartfelt, responsible …, but without the desire to “feed the ego” and expose themselves excessively.

The “building blocks” will therefore be honorary members of a kind, who will check the cash flow, make decisions, and will most likely also be more actively involved in the processes themselves – for example, they will be major donors – and so on. (Note: All major donors will be invited to join the committee anyway, to be constantly kept up to date on how their money is being spent.)

At the same time, they will also help to build, improve and expand the entire system.

The system of the movement will be built on the principle of the “support pillars”. The more people there are, the stronger the organization will be, and the more it will be able to do for people, animals and the environment.

I will, of course, be one of the committee members myself. Regardless of the fact that I am the initiator and founder of this movement, the same rules will apply to me as to everyone else. I will also be contributing an hour a month – or more – to people, animals and the planet. (To repeat – I am establishing this movement primarily for myself so that I can balance my business side with it.)

I will be contributing my lectures, video conferencing, moderating the Facebook group … And I’m sure a good number of other tasks will crop up in managing such a demanding project.

However, I am extremely motivated, enthusiastic and, above all, willing to contribute everything required to make the project come alive, and to consolidate and expand it in manifold ways.

I thank all those of you in advance, who will make your donations through the A2 movement and will also find your own selves through your selfless work. 

Let’s not forget, the focus will always be on people, animals and the planet in need. However – regardless of the size or importance of the action or the amount of money we donate – we will gain the most ourselves.

If you feel the same way, I invite you to join us with all my heart. A few of us have already gathered. We will be extremely proud and honored to have you with us.

With love,