Boris Vene, founder of the “Active Heart Squared” movement, presents:

An Unconditional Hour per Month for Fellow Human Beings, Animals and Nature

“Goodness is never abandoned, never lonely. The saying that no good deed goes unpunished is spread by people who have never experienced true goodness in their heart. No good deed goes punished. Goodness is divine and therefore infinitely rich.” (Anton Trstenjak)

Are you ready to do something good for others … and make yourself happy at the same time? Many people and animals are suffering – but often this wouldn’t need to be the case if someone just took a little time and saw to their basic needs.

It is true that the most urgent cases, and those most in the public eye, are usually taken care of. Fortunately, we still live in a very compassionate society. When we need to get together or raise some money for a good cause, we break records. The media are also open and supportive of charitable campaigns, which makes things a lot easier.

However, the public or the state sees to only a handful of such cases. Behind every child for whom we are keeping our fingers crossed to raise money quickly enough for a demanding and expensive operation, there are dozens or perhaps hundreds of children with similar experiences who desperately need help.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Where are the rest – the sick … the elderly without income, who are struggling from day by day to survive … and domestic and wild animals … and, last but not least, our beautiful planet, which we exploit so unscrupulously and blindly, in the greedy search for short-term profits. (I’m thinking in general, of course.)

Often those who are fighting their battles in silence and solitude need the most help, hoping for better times, or having already resolved themselves to fate. We don’t usually pay them much attention – or we don’t even notice them – as it may not even appear so obvious on the outside that they live in very dire conditions. 

This is why I decided to set up a special non-profit organization, a movement, that will be based on providing unconditional help to all and will be completely transparent.

This idea has been simmering within me for twenty years, even though the cards to be able to carry it out have stacked in my favor only just recently.

The dimensions of the project that go beyond the framework of the individual … and current popular activities

In all honesty, I set up the project very ambitiously. I have a picture in mind of how, with mutual help, the whole of society could help to bring many achievements to fruition, completely independently of the favors of government agencies, external support, dependence on resources … (You can read more about the overall concept and breadth of the project here.)

But I have to start at the beginning – with small, manageable and realistic activities. I can say with great pride and joy that such activities are already taking place. Let me describe one of the most recent ones, which took place in Semič. It is a prime example of how we can begin to help ourselves unconditionally right away.

Thursday, 23 January 2020, was a special day for Semič. Upon the invitation of the Mayor, Mrs. Polona Kambič, I delivered a lecture as part of the A2 movement. We succeeded in an event that made our hearts sing. Literally!

The title of the lecture was: “What do we need to know at a time of the greatest changes in human history to be able to awaken our inner strength and hidden potentials, and live in joy, health and harmony?” And subtitled: “Crisis as a gift.”

The first two hours of the lecture were free to participants. For the second part, in which I answered the most demanding questions in the fields of health, interpersonal relationships and personal finances, the participants made a symbolic contribution of € 10 each.

However, this payment was different from what is usually received by event organizers and hosts. The registration fee of € 10 was also a voluntary contribution for people in need. So people took care of two things at the same time:

  • they received the most up-to-date information on the most vital areas of life …
  • and also contributed to people in need at the same time.

In addition, listeners within the A2 movement: “An Unconditional Hour per Month for Fellow Human Beings, Animals and Nature” also had the task to donate one hour of their time or do something useful for people, animals or the environment.

We could also say that these are meetings with (at least) a dual purpose: people get food for their soul … whilst they at the same time also directly help those in need, financially and through work.

To my great joy and the satisfaction of the organizers, the listeners were so enthusiastic about the first part of the lecture that most of them stayed for the second part, which lasted less than an hour and a half.

The funds raised will be donated to people in need, based on the suggestions from the listeners.

Would you like to organize something similar … or attend other “dual-purpose meetings”?

If your heart skipped a beat as you read these lines, I invite you to nurture this spark and share it with others. I’m ready to support your efforts to develop and help the community, animals and nature. Id be happy to come to you and deliver a lecture as part of the A2 movement, similar to what we did in Semič.

The event would take place in two parts:

  • The first part, which would last about two hours, would be free for participants.
  • For participation in the second part – which lasts from an hour to an hour and a half – a registration fee of € 10/person is payable (or more, if someone wants to contribute additionally). In this part of the lecture, I answer the questions of the participants, even very complex ones, regarding personal finances, health and interpersonal relationships.

I only ask you to follow some basic guidelines so that we can provide people with first-class and top-quality events, which everyone can experience at a similar level:

  1. The organizer should be a professionally organized group or individual (influencer) who can gather at least a few dozen people whose orientations are unorthodox. (I do not support narrowly focused ideas, but breadth, integration, equality.)
  2. The organizer prepares all the conditions for the lecture at his own expense: provides the space, a projector, arranges for the public announcement of the invitation, accepts applications, collects the registration fee (in the second part) and distributes it among the people in need. (See Point 5.)
  3. I expect the organizer to greet the participants at the beginning of the event with a welcoming address on the subject.
  4. Attendance should be at least 30 to 50 people.
  5. The money collected at the event is kept and donated by the organizer: either to someone chosen by the listeners (they must not be participants in the lecture) or – if the participants want to leave the decision up to the organizer – the latter finds and determines someone who is in need of help.
  6. After the event, the organizer sends me information on how much money was raised, to whom it was donated and for what purpose. (For example: In Semič, we collected around € 300 as part of A2 already before the event. The funds were intended for a family living in hardship to buy firewood, whereas a forester and a transporter also took part in the process …)
  7. The organizer also agrees or allows us to publish snippets from the event in the A2 closed Facebook group.

A summary of the contents and photos from the events that we have organized so far as part of the A2 movement – we will do something similar for your event – can be viewed here:

For reservations and more information, please contact us at .

And now, let me explain the idea of the whole movement in a little more detail.

More than twenty years ago, I got the idea ...

The whole idea has been simmering in me for over two decades. I was undertaking single activities in this direction practically all the time, as this kind of activity always gave me a deep sense of satisfaction.

However, soon after the release of my first book (1997 – together with Niko), “From the Diary of a Millionaire”, more precisely, in 2000 – I began to put the idea into practice more systematically. Conscious individuals, companies and organizations, I call them the building blocks, wanted to buy a greater amount of books to give away for free to their employees, partners, friends …

Of course, I lent them my ear and organized a special edition, for which they could contribute their foreword and, if they so wished, actively promote their work. The idea was also transferred to the last book The Big, Ugly Crisis That Saved My Life.

Despite this idea, which has been implemented continuously for two decades, it struck me that there are also people who cannot afford to buy a greater quantity of books and would be happy to help in some other way. So I developed the idea further – and found a way for everyone to contribute to the best of their ability, within their capabilities and established activities.

Within the A2 movement, anyone can donate their time or do something good unconditionally for a fellow human being, the animals or the planet. Alternatively, they can also – as part of the described lectures – contribute money for the most at-risk cases.

The idea is much deeper and more complex. When the time comes, we will move on to the next step; but for the time being, I am very happy that we are conducting it as part of the lectures and the self-initiated “unconditional hours for others”.

What does A2 mean?

I have chosen “Active Heart Squared” as the name, or A2 for short. Of course, each sign in this symbol has its own meaning. “Active” means that the movement unites people who are ready to act or to influence their surrounding environment by example. Not through theories, philosophizing, pointing the finger at mistakes and similar, but merely through their own expression.

The “heart” expresses the unconditional energy through which we will act. Truly unconditional action means doing something without a desire for reimbursement, be it in physical or energetic terms. Essentially, the unconditional is based on the desire for expression and help, not on the expectation of being reimbursed or rewarded, receiving recognition or a pat on the back, and so on. (By the way, I usually avoid the word “help” because I believe that whatever we do always leads back to us. Even if we want to “help” someone, it is in the end mostly about our own good feelings …)

The “number two” or the exponential value expresses the effect or fire that we ignite through our own example. It describes two hearts – the donor and the recipient – where the first opens the hearts of others around him through an unconditional gesture. As this energy expands further, the effect is more similar to the power of two numbers than to the sum. (You can read a slightly longer explanation of the symbol A2 here.)

Why I decided to work non-profit ... or my dark secret that I have yet to disclose to anyone

I need non-profit work or unconditional work mainly for myself, for my well-being. There have always been two worlds in me. On the one hand, I want to be a successful businessman, which makes me extremely happy, gives me a sense of inner strength and inspires me. I really feel strong, privileged and happy when I help people through business consultation, coaching or one of my programs – and at the same time charge a fair price.

On the other hand, I would do anything for people. I have spent countless hours on free conversations and advice, especially to the sick and those who could not afford to pay. This social side of mine fulfilled me and gave me tremendous positive feelings in another way.

The problem cropped up because I could not reconcile or separate these two worlds. In this way, I was able to provide a service completely free of charge for someone who touched my heart and I charged “buckets” – for practically the same service – when the opportunity for good earnings arose. (I’d like to do everything for free for everyone, but the bills have to be paid somehow.)

How to reconcile the two? I didn’t find the optimal way for decades. I felt very bad because I was making differences and putting people in different positions. I’m convinced that this was also partly a reason for my illness, which almost did me in … and from which I needed about ten years to recover. (If you don’t know my story, you can read it here.)

All of this led me to a situation where I realized that the only option was to completely separate these two worlds. To remain a successful businessman, to charge the appropriate fees – to my heartfelt customers whose hearts skip a beat at the thought of collaborating with me and also at the thought of making payment – while taking care of my altruistic side and opening my heart at the same time.

Through this movement and unconditional help, I therefore give my business side a kind of counterweight that I desperately need in order to feel good about myself. Namely, my principle is: “No one will be left behind.” That means I want to help everyone, regardless of status, wealth and everything else.

I’m sure others feel similar. This is why I decided on this public form of action, through which we can all open our hearts, connect and express compassion, strengthen our faith in our fellow human beings, restore hope to those who may have lost it through our contribution and actively, and by example, light a path to a better life – for everyone.

I also believe that these actions will cause many to perceive a different image of themselves, awaken completely new emotions and perhaps even have a pivotal impact on their self-esteem, self-confidence and identity

There is only one guiding thread or rule of the movement: actions must be undertaken unconditionally. All of us who dedicate an hour a month to a fellow human being, the animals or the planet, will not demand anything in return; neither thanks nor confirmation. (Even though we will be very happy if anyone expresses gratitude for our help, of course.)

When the person we have provided help to asks how they can recompense or thank us, the answer will always be the same: “Just as I helped you today, you can help someone else. This is the most beautiful gift and the greatest thanks you can offer me.”

This is, therefore, a brief outline of the basic idea that can be implemented by anyone right away. That being said, my vision is to build a much larger and more complex project, which, however, takes its time. (You can read more about it here.)

If you like the ideas, I certainly invite you to join me. The more we are united in purpose, the faster we will trigger positive change. For more information, I’m available at .

In any case, you can start implementing the idea of an unconditional hour for a fellow human being, the animals or the planet in your local area on your own. I’m sure that your example will trigger a wave of positive changes in your surrounding environment.

But this is just the beginning. No matter how much you help others with your work and contributions, you will receive the most from your unconditional work – in the form of an exceptional feeling of inner fulfillment.

Isn’t that all that matters?

With love,


“Anyone who thinks money can’t buy happiness hasn’t donated enough.” (Cadey Charfen)

“Money Comes and Goes, But Morality Comes And Grows.”
(Sry Sathya Sai Baba)